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View datafiles data including filegroup, path and space consumption information (reserved, used and free space per datafile).


DBArt is a young dynamic company that provides full SQL Server support and consulting services for your business. Our offerings include building scalable highly performing database architecture, 24/7 monitoring of production databases, solving performance problems of any complexity, upgrading to newer versions of Microsoft SQL Server, courses and seminars for database developers and administrators. We customize our services to the client’s needs. Read more about the services we provide.

Working with DBArt enables your company to forget about database problems, as well as to leverage your capabilities in working with Microsoft SQL Server database.

With DBArt your database will not be a bottleneck anymore!


What's New

DBArt's lecture on Microsoft SQL Server User Group - "Dynamic SQL Best Practices". Download presentation and demo scripts

Michael Zilberstein delivered “Database Monitoring Using Extended Events” lecture to Israeli SQL Server user group. Download presentation and demo scripts

Blog entry by Michael Zilberstein: “Monitoring page splits with extended events”

SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 available for download here

SQL Server 2008 R2 Community Technology Preview including new BI features available for download here

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